Registration Issues and How to Register on the Site

There are two locations you can register for the site at.

First, from the home page at you can click on the Register button or Navigation Menu shown in screenshot below.


Second, you can go to page,, which has a sample form next to it that has an explanation for each section. You will notice in the screenshot glowing 30-Day icons on the left and if you touch or put your mouse on them they pop up a box and explain what you need to enter on the form.

There are two areas that commonly cause confusion.

First, is the username. You will below that field (in image above) the requirements. It has to be lowercase, letters numbers, dashes or underscores and not used already, or it won't register. You should see an error before you are even able to register.

Second, the email address. You need an email address that hasn't been used on the site and that you have access to so you can open the activation email. Also be sure when you enter your email address you don't add a space at the end of the address. 

If your registration fails you will stay on the same page.

BUT, you have to scroll down to see the message for why it failed. In the example below you can see that failed because the Terms wasn't accepted, but usually it is for the reasons mentioned above. If you don't see the page shown below, starting with CONGRATULATIONS, you did not register successfully and will not be able to login.

If you successfully register you will be taken to the page below.

Remember you still need to go to the activation email sent to you and open it and click on the VERIFY button. That will finalize your registration.

If you do not get the activation email please refer to this support article.

Once you have clicked the activation email you can go logon with the username and password you entered at

If you are still having issues try from a different browser or device.

Frequently there can be issues registering from a specific browser or device, depending on a variety of settings that are out of our control. One of the easiest ways to test is using a different browser on the same device. There are 4 free browsers that we recommend using and should work, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Three of these should be available on every leading device and can be downloaded and installed for no charge.


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    I’ve tried 2 log in names and 2 email addresses. No response with registration email. Book seems useless without website. 


    Please advise

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