Email Reminder Series FAQ - Not getting next email in series, signing up, and other questions.


We offer three different email reminder lists to help you along the way, depending on the time frame you want to complete the program in (30 Days, 60 Days, 90 Days). Here are some answers to the most common questions.

  • WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE EMAIL REMINDERS & THE COMPANION WEBSITE? The companion website is where all the guided recordings, community and bonus content is located, and is not connected in any way to the email reminder series. The email reminders have links to all of that content, but they are managed and sent from a popular email automation solution and have no connection to your account on site.
  • I CLICK ON THE LINKS IN THE EMAIL REMINDER AND IT ASKS TO ME TO REGISTER/LOGIN? The email reminders have links to the companion website, but you still need a free account to access the content. If you are using a browser that you haven't logged on to the site with you must login. For example, one option is to login on the site at and then click the link in the email - as long as it opens a new window or tab in the same browser you should go directly to the content since you just logged in.
  • I AM NOT GETTING THE NEXT EMAIL IN THE SERIES? If you do not open two consecutive emails in the series it will stop sending you more emails (this is so you can intentionally take a day off if you want). The way the email series knows you opened the last email is from an image, so you MUST have images displayed for this to work. Some email clients require you to "trust" the sender before it will display images.
  • DID THE EMAIL END UP IN SPAM? One common occurrence can be that emails in the series end up in your spam folder, so you stop getting email if by chance two consecutive emails in the series are marked as spam, and therefore never opened. This happens if you never whitelisted the email address See HERE for how to do that.
  • WHERE CAN I SIGN UP? You can sign up at 30Day.Email
  • WHERE CAN I UNSUBSCRIBE? At the bottom of every email are links to view your subscriptions and unsubscribe.
  • CAN I SUBSCRIBE TO MORE THAN ONE REMINDER LIST? One email address can be used for only one of the three lists at once. So if you want to belong to more than one, you have to use another email address.
  • I WANT TO RESTART THE EMAIL SERIES? If you are starting the program over or doing it again and you want the email reminders, either use a new email address or unsubscribe from your existing and subscribe to the appropriate list. If you are not sure what you are registered for the easiest solution is go to and signup for the list you want (see screenshot below). Once you submit if that address is in use you will get an error with a link to resolve it. Clicking on that will generate an email to you with a link where you can unsubscribe. That will allow you to subscribe again to a list.
  • CAN I STOP OR SPACE OUT THE EMAIL REMINDERS? You can temporarily stop receiving the reminder emails whenever you want by not opening the two most recent emails. This is useful if you need more time and want to keep the emails in sync with the day you are on, but we configured it for two consecutive emails (instead of 1) because too many people were having one message marked as spam and no longer getting more emails.
  • CAN I SKIP AHEAD TO LATER IN THE EMAIL SERIES? You are not able to skip ahead in the email series. This isn't our choice, it just isn't technically feasible using the email settings for this list. For example, if you are on Day 12, but just received the Day 7 reminder email, there is nothing you can do to change this. In this situation we highly recommend you don't wait for the emails to catch up to the day you are on, as these are only a tool and not a requirement or necessity for your success.


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