Changing Your Username (@YourName), Your Login ID, Deleting Your Account & Privacy

The purpose of this document is to explain how your username is used, how to view it, what to do if  it contains private information and how to delete your account.

YOUR USERNAME:  During registration you selected a username that is used to login to the companion website ( This username can also be an email, although most of the time it isn't. Below you can see various usernames. 

USERNAMES & YOUR PROFILE:  You can view your profile by going to the navigation menu and selecting Your Community > Your Profile. On this page you will see your Username and Name, which are the same until you have edited your name. These are the only things that can be viewed publicly, so unless you share other information specifically this is the only registration field that is displayed.

EDITING YOUR USERNAME AND NAME:  Your username is not able to be changed or hidden (the software doesn't allow it). Unfortunately if you choose a username that contains information you don't want to be seen, such as an email address you often use or your full name, your only choice is to delete your account and create a new one. To do so only takes a few minutes and we do recommend it, because otherwise if you decide to post in the forums those posts can be seen publicly and you will likely not want that linked your real name.

DELETING YOUR ACCOUNT To delete your account all you need to do is go to Your Profile and select Settings and General and then Delete Account.

CONFIRM DELETION You will just need to confirm deletion and then you can re-register with the same email address (but we recommend you don't use your email address as your username.

REGISTRATION To register you can go to the Home Page and click on Register or go direct to the Registration Page.

NOTE: We are unable to delete or create accounts manually for you.



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