Accessing the Content & How the Site is Organized

Below are some important points on how to access the site and how it is organized.

  • Purchase the Book: The website and program only works when done in conjunction with the book. You can see purchase options HERE.
  • Registration Required (free): To access any of the content referenced in the book you must be registered on the site. You can register HERE.
  • Membership Dashboard: Once you login you automatically are redirected to the membership dashboard. From this location you can access most content within a couple clicks.
  • Dashboard Layout: The most important thing to notice on the dashboard is a lot of content is "hidden" in what are called accordians, which are sections of the page that can easily expand and collapse (see below). Most by default are collapsed so they are out of the way, but all you need to do is click on them to expand.

  • Daily Solution (chapters) Content: Each Day or Chapter in the book references content you can access on the website. You can easily access these in several ways. First, from the dashboard you will see a section labeled "Quick Links to Solutions in Phase I, II, III, and IV." Second, you can use the navigation menu by selecting "YOUR SOLUTIONS - Phase X - Day X." Third, you can type directly into the browser the address (URL) Meaning, if you want Day 12 you would put in Solutions IS the domain, so you do not put in .com or it won't work. Also when you type in an address in a browser you do not need to put in http:// as the browser will automatically do that when it recognizes you have a valid address (URL) there. We have included screenshots for all 3.

  • Using the Companion Web Pages: There are several sections to every daily page. It starts with the daily name and links to the previous and next day, for convenience.
  • Daily Review, Letter & Checklist: Every day contains a review of key content, a letter from Jack & Dave and a checklist of the action steps for the day. These are in tabs, so to see the content for each tab you just need to click on it.

  • Action Steps: Easily the most important part of each day, and every day you will see the action steps posted on the images that look like bookmarks. By clicking on these it temporarily opens a box in front where you can review the action step and watch any related guided recordings. If you don't see it there is always a link to access it directly from YouTube.

  • Bonus Content and Community Content (daily message board/forum): At the bottom you will see on the left all the bonus content. This uses the accordian feature like on the dashboard, so you can easily expand and collapse data. On the right you will find all community related content, including the forum for that day where you can participate, ask questions and give and get feedback.

That represents the core components of the companion website, however you can explore the community features further by going to the dashboard or using the menu options from the navigation menu, all under YOUR COMMUNITY. They will be covered in another document as well.



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