Email Registration & Activation Issues, Troubleshooting, and Maintaining Privacy

To join The 30-Day Companion Website you must register, which requires you to use an active email account. If you do not have an email address you feel comfortable using we understand, and all you need to do is go to one of the leading providers of free email and sign up for a new address. Google, Hotmail and Yahoo are great options. 

Here are a few important considerations that answer almost all questions.

IF YOU ARE NOT TAKEN TO A PAGE SAYING YOU REGISTERED SUCCESSFULLY YOU DIDN'T: If you register successfully the next page you see will confirm it, but if not you go back to the same page you were on, but at the top. Be sure to scroll down to the form again which is where you will see any registration errors. 

USERNAME REGISTRATION: When you register you must pick a username. This is the only field that you can never change once you register, and is always publicly visible by all members. Be sure to not use any personal information, such as your full name, if you want to maintain privacy. And do not use your email address as your username, or that will be publicly visible.

EMAIL ADDRESS: You must use an active email address that you can check after registration. To complete registration we require that you open the confirmation email we send you and click on the link, which verifies and activates your account. Your email address will always be kept private as long as it is not used as your username.

THE ACTIVATION EMAIL: The email comes from and although we find very few of these emails get labeled as spam, it is still possible. If you do not see an email from this address within five minutes we recommend searching for this address in your mailbox, as well as going to your spam folder to see if it got marked as spam. Also certain accounts, like gmail, can have automatic filtering activated which will move the email into a different folder than your primary one. Last, we recommend you add address to your contacts or white-list (often adding an address to your contacts will white-list that address, basically letting your email service know this is a legitimate address). Here is a good resource for how to do this with most leading email providers -

GETTING 'CONFIRM EMAIL' MESSAGE: If you are getting a 'confirm email' message when logging in that means you have never confirmed your email address, and until you do so it won't let you. The same troubleshooting steps above and below apply.

STILL NO ACTIVATION EMAIL: If you still cannot find the activation email your next best step is to try registering with a different email address, whether that is one you own or creating a new one. And we recommend adding to your contacts or white-list before creating the new account to reduce the likelihood of having the issue occur again. You cannot try with the same address again right away because the system will show that address as registered and not let you use it. But don't worry, even though you registered with a different address you can always change your email address whenever you want.

However, if you want to use the same email address and you still cannot get email after adding the support address to your white-list, your only other option would be to contact your email provider. For example, we regularly see addresses get blocked. If you are a comcast customer you can open a ticket and ask them if they can let email through from this address. 

OPEN A TICKET: If both of these attempts fail you can open a ticket and we can look at manually approving your account. Be sure to include the two email addresses you attempted to register with, this is so we can approve one and remove the other, but it also helps us put in place long-term solutions to reduce this from happening in the future. 

HOW TO REGISTER: If you are having other issues with registration or need to know how to register refer to this support article HERE.

Thanks, The 30-Day Support Team




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