Website Content, Email Reminders, Community & the Guided Recordings (visualizations, meditations, videos, etc)

We know some of you are very excited for us to post the remaining bonus content, as well as the email reminders. We are working to deliver this to you as soon as possible. But we want to make sure you know that the content in the book and that has been on the website since the day the book was published is everything you need to be successful. In fact past graduates didn't have many of the resources and content already available to you now. So please do not let this stop you from moving forward, or thinking that you don't have what you need to change your drinking. You do!

In fact, as great as we feel the website is, and will be, all you really need to succeed is the book and the guided recordings, all which we give direct links to access separate from the website. So you could even avoid using the website and still be successful. Here are a few specifics.

Bonus Website Content - Currently we are working on finishing up all bonus content. We expect by the end of February or early March to have everything up to date.

Email Reminders - Can now be accessed at 30Day.Email.

Guided Recordings (visualizations, imagery, meditations, videos, etc) - This is the fundamental content for the whole program, and has been available on the website since the day we launched the book. And remember, this is all you need outside of the book to be successful. On the Dashboard you will find a list of direct links to all of this content just in case you do not want to use the website. You can directly access HERE.

30-Day Community - This has been available since the launch of the website, but has required the most ongoing development to resolve issues, make it easier to use, and add key functionality for a better user experience. This work will be ongoing, but you will see a lot more changes in the first six months.



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